This is a heavy and important time as communities across the WORLD are standing in solidarity with George Floyd's family, community, and the #BlackLivesMatter movement against the taking of Black lives through murder, police brutality, mass incarceration, and systemic injustice.  Before sharing some calls to action - we want to take a moment to express our profound outrage, horror, and grief that George Floyd's life was violated and stolen - and that another beautiful Black father, son, brother, and community member is forever lost to this world because of white supremacy, institutional violence and racism, and the police state.

Please take a minute to watch this video in prayerfulness -- let's remember to keep feeling the weight of this -- quieting our minds and allowing our hearts to feel the magnitude of the injustice we must face and rectify together:

We join the calls for Justice for George and share actions being called for by organizers on the ground in MN, most importantly, his family. Public outcry has already pushed the AG to increase charges against George's murderer and bring charges against the other 3 officers for aiding in the murder. Let's continue to put pressure there in support of organizers on the ground.

The Movement for Black Lives has put out a national call of action for this week - please join us in responding.

Here at home, Black organizers in our community have created a Petition calling the Mayor and City Council members to publicly pledge to defund the police and invest in community. The Petition demands that the City of Santa Fe:

Defund the police

Create a city Department of Equity and Racial Justice

Honor the First Amendment Rights of any Civil Disobedience Protestors Standing up for Racial Justice

Expand the Moratorium on Residential Evictions and Utility (water, electricity, gas, and internet) Shut-offs until January 1, 2021 

Read the Petition for more the more detailed demand list.


It has been great to see our community respond and come together to make a stand -- with hundreds converging out in the streets. It's been important that actions include critical discussions about the imperative to center the voices and needs of our Black community as we rally in support of the #BlackLivesMatter cause and show up in solidarity. Speaking of solidarity, in ABQ, one of the organizers of the recent protests was targeted and taken into custody. Learn about this recent act of retaliation against an important Black organizer in ABQ and other issues with the APD in today's episode of Let's Talk NM. Join in the call for Clifton White's release by following the call to action HERE.

Last night's protest in Santa Fe was the largest yet - and we were proud to be a part of it and grateful to the young leaders who organized it. We encourage everyone who's not already actively involved in this solidarity movement - to join in. Read the article in the New Mexican here and the article in the Santa Fe Reporter here.

As you can see in the articles, Mayor Webber dismissed the calls of our community members. Rather than addressing the specific demands addressed to his office as Mayor, Webber deflects and points to the need for changes in our education system. While our education system does need to improve (and efforts to raise those demands have already begun), we appreciate that Superintendent Dr. Veronica Garcia issued a statement recommitting the District to address racism in our schools and denounce the murder of George Floyd.

The Police Department and its budget are under the jurisdiction of the City of Santa Fe, the Mayor, City Manager, and City CouncilThe City budget, as well as the police budget, need to be looked at through a racial justice and health equity lens. As the City looks to cut the budget to address the COVID-19 deficit, this is a perfect opportunity to Defund the Police and prioritize investments in community development and health. 

We expect the Mayor of OUR town to join us in our outrage in response to police murder, abuse, and violence, issue a formal response, and heed the demands of the community for changes in public investment -- not stand on the sidelines watching the protesters go by (literally and figuratively). Mayor Webber - we demand better!

We need to keep the pressure up and the momentum strong. Lookout for upcoming events in Santa Fe HERE.

In ABQ there are some great events already organized for the weekend.