Climate Action

staggeredawesomeness.jpgOne of the gravest issues facing our young people is the threat of catastrophic climate change. Our training programs help students understand the issue and engage students in creating solutions. It is critical in the face of serious issues that can be overwhelming and paralyzing, that we equip folks with the tools and the experience of being able to make a difference.

Our youth leaders have also always recognized the primacy of this issue and every year, in one form or another, our youth leaders have taken action to reduce our community's emissions.

For 3 years, Earth Care's Youth Allies were the lead organizers for the international day of action on climate change here in Santa Fe. They coordinated the giant 350 photo project, organized marches down to the roundhouse, and organized a community-wide skillshare.


For the last several years, they've been working closely with New 

Energy Economy, one of Earth Care's closest partners, to take action against further coal investments in the state of New Mexico. Our youth leaders testified in front of the Environmental Improvement Board in 2010 - helping to win the short-lived victory to cap emissions in NM (overturned by Governor Martinez's administration). More recently, they've helped put pressure on the City Council to weigh in on the replacement power case and ratecase and the NM Public Regulation Commission.


Our youth leaders were active organizers in support of Standing Rock. In addition to raising awareness and building public pressure for action on climate change, our youth leaders have made solution building a priority. They learn and teach about energy efficiency - how to retrofit your home affordably for the winter to reduce energy loss and safe money. They also worked on the community solar initiative. And they won a grant and organized a bike-a-thon in 2014 to raise the funds necessary to solarize the City building we call home - Zona Del Sol. 



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