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Santa Fe Mutual Aid is a project of Earth Care started by community members Raashan A and Beth G along with other orgs. Currently we host community events, like Community Swaps/Community closets and Brake Light Clinics (w/ SF DSA). We mainly connect community members to resources and funds as well as providing Mutual Aid funds. If you are interested in receiving assistance from the fund or contributing, please check out the Mutualista website and sign up!

Transforming Extra to
investments in equity

The Transforming Extra to Investments in Equity Campaign is a campaign to encourage as many people as possible to redistribute all of, or part of, their tax rebates or personal means to their neighbors who did not receive a rebate or are in need of assistance. Earlier this summer, Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham announced that the state would be sending out tax rebates to 2021 New Mexico taxpayers in the amount of $500 for single filers and $1,000 for couples filing jointly. These rebates started going out in June 2023.

Inspired by the widespread community care and solidarity displayed by the 2020 Share My Check stimulus redistribution program, Earth Care is leading a campaign to encourage people to redistribute all, or part of, their 2023 New Mexico Tax Rebate, or their own money, to their fellow community members. 

Joining this effort means being part of a commitment to wealth redistribution. To learn more and join the campaign, please click below.
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