Gaile 2018

First Annual

Community Graduation Celebration

Thursday June 21, 2018


The community graduation celebration is an annual event that demonstrates to our community members that their achievements at all levels have value to our community and that all levels of achievement should be celebrated. We have kicked off this annual event in 2018. 

We believe that by celebrating and honoring our communities’ achievements we encourage an environment for lifetimes of learning, which will continuously better Santa Fe and surrounding areas for future generations. Our communities' accomplishments deserve to be recognized. These types of uplifting public events are also a testament to the the talent and education that the community members of Santa Fe hold to local government to encourage local recruitment versus out of state recruitment for positions.

This year, we unveiled our "It Takes a Village Award" in honor of Susan Duncan. This award was created in honor of Susan Duncan to recognize very special champions of children and families in Santa Fe who have been working for decades to create a more healthy, just, and sustainable community.


Gaile Herling

Gaile is a caregiver of community – a nurturer of family – a warrior for love. Gaile has been providing a home – in community – forchildren and families in Santa Fe who are experiencing housing homelessness through a Santa Fe Public School Program called Adelante since it’s founding in 2003. This year she is retiring and leaving an amazing legacy for others to follow. Over her time at Adelante she has served thousands of youth and their families with educational support services, case management, and advocacy. Despite the high levels of need and incredible workload, Gaile somehow always brings her full attention, her amazing listening skills, her gift for problem-solving & asset-building, and her genuine care for each person as she brings them into the folds of the community she effortlessly builds. Gaile founded the Homeless Youth Task Force, Juntos Los Jueves and Envision Santa Fe. She also helped launch the Interfaith Community Shelter. She is a heroine of ours and we honor her dedicated service over these many years!

Seth Roffman (Green Fire Times)


Robert Nott (Santa Fe New Mexican)

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