Updates from the week, Friday Demonstration at NGA Conference

Here are a few updates for the week!

Courts, Corrections, and Justice Committee Hearing - Monday, July 16

Thank you to all who attended the CCJ Committee hearing on Monday and Rep. Antonio "Moe" Maestas! You all packed the Committee room and showed the Committees members aka our elected Representatives that we are concerned about New Mexico's role in the private for-profit prison industry and the need for more oversight on private correctional facilities in our state.  In over 1.5 hours of public comments, the majority of which from those previously held in NM's private prisons, not one person spoke in favor of New Mexico's private prisons.  

No representative from Core Civic-Cibola County Correction Center or of Management & Training Corporation-Otero County Prison Facility or ICE officials showed up to answer questions. 

Photo Credit: Andy Fertal (People's Progressive Media)

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Watch the whole presentation on Divesting from Private Prisons from the Santa Fe Dreamers Project here.

Thanks to PPM, here is a short clip of the hearing.

A few weeks ago, we sent out an eblast with resources and opportunities to show up in solidarity. Check out the full list HERE. We will be updating it regularly. 


During the initial stage of public engagement the City used an online survey to get a sense of what Santa Fe residents want to do with 64 acres of land in town. BUT the online survey results (2,234 in total) from Santa Fe residents made it clear that those who responded were primarily affluent, older, white community members. 

The voices of our communities of color, families, youth, and working class communities must be engaged and represented in this HUGE investment of public lands & resources!

For example, of the 2,229 English-survey takers: 81% of respondents do not have children in their household, 65% are over the age of 44. These responses do not reflect our town at all!

View the English survey results HERE.

View the Spanish survey results HERE (there were only 6 surveys collected!)

In the final “Evaluation" phase of the Midtown Campus Project, residents saw "their ideas and suggestions come to life as concepts for the SFUAD campus" that designers put together based on the survey results. The participants of this process mirrored the survey results. A true community engagement campaign is needed in order to ensure that the planning phase of this enormous project includes families with children, youth, low-income folks, people of color, people experiencing or threatened by homelessness and displacement, residents of the nearby neighborhoods as well as the organizations with connections to these populations.
A NEW resolution will authorize the planning stage of the "redevelopment process." These hasty steps forward make it clear that the lack of proper community engagement and outreach is a threat to adjacent communities and neighborhoods. Development plans MUST engage and respond to the needs of the surrounding neighborhoods and consider things like how the properties long-term use will effect housing affordability in the area, access to services, the nearby public schools, and ownership and connection for long-term residents and Santa Fe locals.



Join us at City Council on


5:30 PM
City Hall, 200 Lincoln Ave, Santa Fe, NM
To call for investment in a meaningful community engagement campaign

FRIDAY July 20, 2018

10 AM 

at NM State Capitol Building

490 Old Santa Fe Trail, Santa Fe, NM 87501


National Governors Association (NGA) Demo

Bring your signs and banners to the NM State Capitol at 10 AM to rally and hear about pressing state issues from several local organizatons. Then we will march to the Santa Fe Convention Center at 11:15 AM, where the National Governors Association Conference is being held. 

Rumor has it that Trump or Mike Pence will be making an appearance at some point during the conference. The conference is taking place THIS Thursday - Saturday. Join us and 30 other orgs who have something to say to governors who are elected by the people. View the NGA agenda here.

We demand that our Governors step up to protect our human and civil rights, our air, water, environment, and the right to a decent life. 

Please share and come with signs and banners and let the governors know in this time of crisis aggravated by policies of the Trump Administration we are saying STEP UP OR STEP DOWN. POLICIES FOR THE PEOPLE NOT THE 1%. Governors must support state policies and laws that:

• Provide affordable healthcare as a right for all
• Increase state funding for public education K – higher education
• Expand environmental protection and 100% renewable energy
• Ensure women’s access to reproductive health and right to choose
• Stop inhumane ICE enforcement, protect due process for immigrants and asylum seekers, and keep families together
• Guarantee unions the right to organize and collect dues.
• Protect free speech rights to support Palestine through boycotts
• Protect voting rights and end gerrymandering
• Enforce stricter gun control laws, ban assault weapons and paraphernalia
• End mass incarceration and private prisons
• Protect indigenous lands and rights
• No interstate transfer of nuclear waste


Thursday July 19, 2018 

10:30 AM 

at NM State Capitol Building

490 Old Santa Fe Trail, Santa Fe, NM 87501

A People’s Convening: Rally for Clean Air

Juntos: Our Air, Our Water will also be rallying and demanding more from Governors at the NGA conference. On Thursday, they'll be there to remind our state executives that more than 25 million children across the country deserve to breathe clean air as they ride buses to school. 

Join the Clean Buses for Healthy Niños coalition as we rally outside the NGA meeting calling on lawmakers to fully fund and implement plans to invest Volkswagen settlement money into zero-emission, electric school buses. Parents, students, activists, and supporters from across the country will be traveling to Santa Fe to share their stories and share with governors why they must act now to ensure our children have healthy futures. Join us at the rally and bring a sign!
Este verano, gobernadores de todo el país se reunirán en la reunión del verano de la Asociación Nacional de Gobernadores en Santa Fe, y nosotros también estaremos allí para recordarles a nuestros ejecutivos estatales que más de 25 millones de niños en todo el país merecen respirar aire limpio mientras usan autobuses a la escuela.
Únase a la coalición Clean Buses for Healthy Niños mientras nos reunimos fuera de la reunión de NGA pidiendo a los oficiales electos que financien e implementen por completo los planes para invertir el dinero del acuerdo de Volkswagen en autobuses escolares eléctricos de cero emisiones. Padres, estudiantes, activistas y simpatizantes de todo el país viajarán a Santa Fe para compartir sus historias y compartir con los gobernadores por qué deben actuar para garantizar que nuestros niños tengan un futuro saludable. ¿QUÉ PUEDEN HACER LOS PARTIDARIOS? Asistir a el rally + traer una pancarta Comparte tu historia de #CleanRide4Kids en las redes sociales o con los medios de prensa


There are so many places to show up this month. We hope you'll join us for the many July Action Network Calls to Action this month!

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