Las Vegas Youth Allies Leadership Program Launch

YAbonding.jpegYoung people from Las Vegas, NM join the movement for youth-led change

Youth Allies Cultivates and makes space for young leaders to work cross culturally through youth led initiatives that transform their community to be healthy just and sustainable.


The goal of Earth Care's Youth Allies Program is to give young people the opportunity to join with other young people and learn how to make their voice heard,  be a leader based on strengths & style,  discover gifts and talents & use them to help the world,  understand & help address complex problems in life and community,  build amazing friendships across cultures, breakdown stereotypes, and work with youth from all backgrounds to advocate for global peace & justice, take action to address climate change & help save the earth as individuals, community members, and stewards of the earth.




Over the weekend of February 1st-3rd, Earth Care kicked off our FIRST ever Youth Allies Program in Las Vegas. Earth Care's goal to create a network of youth led change across Northern New Mexico is being cultivated by uniting 28 youth from Las Vegas and Santa Fe, whom share a passion for developing their own leadership skills to lead social change movements and take positive action within their community.

 The opening retreat was held in Montezuma, New Mexico -  culminating the start of the Las Vegas Youth Allies 10 week intensive Leadership Institute. During the retreat the group participated in experiential learning, Art and Justice training, outdoor ecology lessons, native plant lessons, relationships with the environment, personal storytelling and the power of using one's voice to create change.  


Captioned: 18 Las Vegas Youth Allies, 10 Santa Fe Youth Allies' Alumni, Karen Recountre (Senior Trainer)


Captioned: Workshop on Resistance Movement: Where youth discussed personal experiences, current events, teachers, or other influences that have cultivated their engagement or education, and have been an accomplice or an advocate for the world around them.



Captioned: Youth Allies lesson on a Hero's Journey in which they support each other in their aspiration to find the solutions for the change they hope to see in the world and metaphorically balancing the issues that are being faced in their communities and across the world. 


Captioned: Lesson on Dignified Bodies - Youth gained a deeper understanding of how bodies relate to the larger narrative of body normativity and body empowerment through defining language, and deconstructing language that perpetuates body policing as well as stigmas. This workshop guides participants to access and express parts of themselves that are dignified, empowering, and defy the dominant narrative of white supremacy, patriarchy, and capitalism.


Captioned: 18 Las Vegas Youth Allies, 10 Santa Fe Youth Allies Alumni, Karen Recountre (Senior Trainer)-end of the Retreat Group Photo

The weekend concluded with a strong bond between participants and staff- and not to mention an amazing start to our Las Vegas Youth Allies Program! This passionate group of youth will make a commitment over the next 10 weeks to developing personal leadership skills across cultures in order to achieve peace and justice in the world. Be on the lookout for this inspiring group of youth at community action events over the next several months! 

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