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NM Mainstreet Project:
Airport Road Corridor

Earth Care will lead the reimagining of the Airport Road Corridor thanks to the approval of our proposal in the summer of 2021 to designate it as a Main Street Urban Corridor.


What is the Reimagining Main Street Projects?

New Mexico Main Street, a part of the New Mexico Economic Development Department, will provide technical assistance for our Urban Neighborhood Commercial Corridor Initiative which will bring together residents from the neighborhoods north and south of Airport Rd to reimagine and redesign the roadway and adjoining areas to support healthy, sustainable and equitable communities. We will also design entry points at the West and East ends of the road to welcome residents and visitors alike to what could be a mixed commercial, residential and entertainment district.


Why Airport Road

The Airport Road Corridor is the focus of our project because our members are largely based on the southside as is our organization. The corridor runs east and west bisecting the area into two very different sets of communities. Our plan is to engage area youth, families, businesses, institutions and organizations in a series of community visioning workshops with the following themes: 

1) Health and Wellness

2) Community Economic Development

3) Housing

4) Arts and Culture

5) Education and Training

6) Parks and Recreation

This project is critical at this moment, as it addresses the future of the neighborhoods where Santa Fe’s essential workers live, many of them immigrant, as well as the neighborhoods where Santa Fe’s families moved to when they were displaced through more recent waves of colonization and gentrification. If we do not find the solutions for the housing, equity and economic crisis here, we face the very real possibility of a Santa Fe without Santa Feans. 


Our Approach & Timeline

We will follow the principles of community driven development and development without displacement. We will focus on building the community's civic infrastructure, which we define as the collective civic capacity for leadership and action for community transformation and development. 

The project is set to take place within a span of 2 years. More information on the timeline and community design sessions to be announced through 2022.


Are you a Southside Resident or Business Owner on Airport Road and want to get involved?

Are you a Southside Resident or Business Owner on or around Airport Road and want to get involved?

To join the effort or for more information please contact Miguel Acosta at

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