Please Call City Council about "Midtown Campus Project" Resolution!

Did you hear about the amendments to the City's Resolution  that would authorize moving to the the next phase of efforts to redevelop for the Midtown Campus Project/SF University of Art & Design?

Two weeks ago, the City announced that they are ready to move from the "conceptual" stage to the planning stages for the SFUAD campus. You can watch the announcement HERE. Moving forward in the planning process was up for approval on the Public Works, CIP & Land Use Committee agenda for Monday, July 23. Yet, while the outreach process might have been conducted with good intentions it was clear that many in our community were not engaged. The conceptual stage did not include the voices of our communities of color, families, youth, and working class communities. They must be engaged and represented in this HUGE investment of public lands & resources.  

Councilor Villarreal pushed proposals that would make room for more community input and participation!
She introduced amendments seeking an explicit equity analysis and engagement study seeking participation from the community, especially those most directly impacted by policy decisions and development processes and who:
"are underrepresented in the current results, particularly, low-income people, people of color, families with children, residents of neighborhoods surrounding the Midtown Property, youth and young adults, transit- dependent bus riders, and other historically marginalized populations."

It also mentions the Resident’s Bill of Rights Resolution (2015-65), which was passed unanimously by the Governing Body in 2015. This "provides a framework for housing and urban planning policies, and directs appropriate staff to “collaborate with community organizations that represent and/or serve workers, renters, low-income homeowners and/or people experiencing homelessness and/or displacement as specifically related to upcoming and ongoing planning processes."

Read the amendments HERE

Read the Santa Fe New Mexican article HERE
Our blog post from last week with information on the SFUAD conceptual engagement process can be found on our website HERE
Please take some time today to thank Councilors Villarreal, Ives, and Abeyta by calling or emailing them. 
Committee Chairman Peter Ives advanced the resolution with Villarreal’s amendments. Councilor Roman “Tiger” Abeyta also voted in favor to advance it. 
Please also make a call to our other Councilor Chris Rivera, who has been an important voice for equity in previous planning processes and whose vote is needed. Of course, we appreciate you taking a moment to also call the Mayor.

Renee Villarreal, District 1 Councilor, (505) 955-2345, [email protected] 

Peter Ives, District 2 Councilor, (505) 955-6816, [email protected]

 Roman "Tiger" Abeyta, District 3 Councilor, (505) 955-6814, [email protected]

Chris Rivera, District 3 Councilor, (505) 955-6818, [email protected] 

Mayor Alan Webber, (505) 955-6590, [email protected]


 Again, it's important that we thank Councilors Villarreal, Ives, and Abeyta for pushing through these crucial amendments to show that we support this move.

Join us at City Council and pack the room in support of these amendments

and for equitable planning in Santa Fe!


5:30 PM
City Hall, 200 Lincoln Ave
To support these amendments and investment in a meaningful community engagement campaign! More information to come...

Also, in the realm of planning and development the City of Santa Fe is considering putting money ($279,153) into two different projects. We are grateful that City staff recognized the opportunity to move forward a key infrastructure project that will support the safety of children and families on the southside of Santa Fe through the continuation of the Arroyo de los Chamisos Trail instead of the dog park. This is another example where we are grateful that the City is taking issues of equity into consideration as they move forward in their planning processes.

The investment will continue the Arroyo de los Chamisos Trail from Tierra Contenta to South Meadows Road. As you know there are multiple public schools, many families and working folks who would be better served by better trails and infrastructure in this area.  


Please take a moment to call your City Councilor to express your support for this shift in infrastructure investment. Let them know that you are grateful to City staff and the Council for considering the investment in the Arroy de los Chamisos Trail.



There are so many places to show up this month.

We hope you'll join us for the many August Action Network Calls to Action this month!

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