This Mother's Day - join the National Bail Out Collective to Help Bail Out Incarcerated Mothers!

THIS MOTHER'S DAY Join the National Bail Out Collective

to Help Bail Out Incarcerated Mothers!

This Mother's Day, the National Bail Out Collective is bailing out mamas in cities around the country to give incarcerated mothers an opportunity to spend Mother’s Day with their families. Last year they bailed out over 100 mamas and caregivers, and provide life-sustaining services to those who need it. This year they're expanding their efforts and are working to advance critical policy changes and transform the systems that put our people in cages because they are poor, Black, unwell or in crisis.

National Mama’s Bail Out Day is coordinated effort by more than a dozen organizations to reunite families on Mother's Day and bring attention to the true costs of money bail and mass incarceration. In the tradition of literally buying our people’s freedom, we are setting Black women and femmes free from the jaws of incarceration in time for Mother’s Day.

Tonight tens of thousands of women will sleep in a cage, simply because they could not afford to pay bail. At least 80 percent of them are mothers and most of them are only guilty of being poor, unable to access health care, or being survivors. In fact, over 86% of incarcerated women have survived physical or sexual abuse and many will experience additional abuse while imprisoned in our local jails.

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  • Mohammad Ariful Islam
    commented 2018-06-03 15:24:58 -0600
    Mother just Mother, there is no compare to others

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