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Earth Care's members decided in March to shift the organizing and staff resources of our climate emergency and youth at the center campaigns to respond to the immediate needs of our community in this time of crisis. As we respond to the crisis, we must recognize the lessons presenting themselves about the dire need to address economic insecurity and injustice, health inequity, and the need to organize and build power and systems of mutual support and accountability in our community. Further, we understand that this current crisis is not unlike the public health and human rights' crises faced by communities across the world because of climate disruption, imperialism, and forced displacement and that pandemics and other public health emergencies may increase because of climate change.

We recognize that we have the opportunity and responsibility to create a grassroots response that strengthens our community's connection, social capital, and resilience - while centering the needs of our most vulnerable and building power to address structural inequalities.

In partnership with community members, Red Nation, DSA-Santa Fe, and Fathers New Mexico,
Earth Care's youth and parent leaders are coordinating a mutual aid network.




YUCCA launched a climate emergency campaign this summer and has been leading direct action organizing and grassroots capacity-building in New Mexico to pressure politicians, candidates, and the press to address the climate crisis. Led by youth from Indigenous, Latinx Immigrant, Chicano, and low-income backgrounds, the campaign successfully mobilized thousands of youth and adults for the climate strike on 9/20 and has continued to build on that momentum with a series of actions designed to hold Democratic Governor Michelle Lujan-Grisham and her administration as well as law-makers accountable for inadequate action on the climate crisis. Our campaign has earned consistent media attention and has included escalated tactics, including 21 arrests for civil disobedience in October.

The purpose of YUCCA is to grow a youth-led intergenerational & intersectional grassroots climate justice movement in NM that is powerful enough to hold leaders accountable and force the passage of climate policies that address the science, move us swiftly toward carbon neutrality, and end our abusive dependence on fossil fuel extraction. We need to keep the untapped reserves in the Permian Basin – in the ground!

Our climate emergency campaign calls for 5 state-level demands:

  1. The declaration of a climate emergency and corresponding investment of human and financial resources across state departments to address fossil fuel dependence and identify opportunities to transition. 
  2. The creation of a state just transition fund diverted from oil and gas revenue in order to immediately begin a comprehensive research and planning process to achieve carbon neutrality for our state no later than 2030. More than 45% of our current state budget is derived from oil and gas revenues. In order to transition our economy – alternative revenue sources need to be identified, modelled, and cultivated – this work needs to begin immediately. This fund will also provide resources for local communities and Indigenous Nations within New Mexico to invest in their own transition to carbon-neutrality.
  3. As a plan is developed, we believe a moratorium should be placed on all new fracking development. A new Study we co-commissioned from Oil Change International found that over 70% of new production will come from wells that have not yet been drilled, or ‘undeveloped’ oil and gas. This means that in 2030, 86% of projected emissions associated with New Mexico’s oil and gas activity - 478 million metric tons (MMT) — will come from burning currently undeveloped oil and gas. These emissions are equivalent to the annual emissions from 123 coal plants. We MUST find a way to keep these emissions in the ground.
  4. Commit to 100% renewables by 2030 in alignment with the timeline set by world scientists and the goals set by the national Green New Deal. Currently, our state has committed to 100% “carbon-free” electricity by 2045. We know that this protracted phase-out of coal and gas is unnecessarily long - renewables plus storage are cheaper than conventional electricity supplies TODAY. Further, we do not support the inclusion of nuclear energy which we do not see as a sustainable energy source given the unanswered waste storage question, the enormous health, environmental, and public safety risks, and our first-hand experience in New Mexico with the devastating legacy of uranium mining and radioactive waste disposal. Nuclear energy is also the most expensive form of energy on the market. You can read a speech we delivered on the issue of nuclear HERE.
  5. The passage of community-driven climate solutions like community solar. We are working to advance community solar and other policies that empower communities to implement aggressive climate goals, pursue the cost-saving of renewables, and utilize local control of energy supplies to generate sustainable economic development. 


YUCCA also created a C4 sister organization - check out the 2020 Climate Voter's Guide



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    You folks are amazing. Thank you for posting this incredibly valuable and thoughtful collection of resources. It takes a village!!
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