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miguelphoto.jpgMiguel Angel Acosta - Co-Director 

Miguel Angel Acosta joined the Earth Care team in the summer of 2017 to launch Poder Familiar - our parent leadership program which he'd been dreaming up for some time. A long time ally and role-model, Miguel now co-directs the organization in our shared leadership model. Miguel was born in Chicago but made in Mexico. He has been the Director of El Colegio Sin Fronteras, a social enterprise focused on community education, training and capacity building for healthy communities, as well as a Principal Associate at the Center for Relational Learning, an international consulting firm based in Santa Fe, NM which focuses on building family-community-school partnerships.  Prior to that he served on the Board of Education of Albuquerque Public Schools where he helped establish The Community Schools Partnership with the City, County and Business Community and he worked for many years at the University of New Mexico where he was instrumental in establishing the Freshman Year Experience programs in the College Enrichment Program, Undergraduate Studies and across the campus. He has more than 40 years of experience in advocating for educational opportunities and community development for underserved populations.  Miguel Angel’s work with youth, families and communities ranges from teaching in alternative high schools, developing youth leadership programs, developing and teaching in adult basic education programs, working in violence and substance abuse prevention, restorative justice, community health initiatives, recruitment and retention work in higher education, community schools, personal, family and community coaching, school-led community revitalization and as a public servant and elected School Board Member.  His family came out of Jalisco, Mexico, and first migrated to Chicago around 1919.  His father, Miguel, participated in the Bracero Program as a farm worker in California and later toiled in a Chicago factory until he could work no longer.  His mother, Luz Maria, worked as a seamstress in Chicago as had her mother before her, and was a community and jobs activist.  They are now resting in peace together back in Jalisco.  Miguel has two sons, Jose Miguel, 29, and Miguel Angel 35, an awesome granddaughter and future scientist and soccer star, Isabela, and a grandson Emilio who has plans to be a superhero.  He is patiently supported in all he does by his loving partner, Analicia, who also shares three grandsons with him. Elijah, Isaiah and Dominic.

Nicole Jaramillo – Earth Care Co-Director: nicole@earthcarenm.org

Nicole joinenicole2-150x150.jpgd the Earth Care team in the summer of 2014 to run our Food Justice and Environmental Stewardship AmeriCorps Service Program and now serves as the Co-Director of the organization in our shared leadership model. Born and raised in New Mexico, Nicole completed a Bachelor’s of Science in Nutrition & Dietetics at the University of New Mexico in 2012 and went on to pursue a Master’s Degree in Public Health at San Diego State University. While completing her Master’s degree, Nicole managed, implemented and coordinated a large grant on San Diego State’s Campus that provided outreach and education regarding student’s options under the Affordable Care Act. Nicole has also worked developing, implementing and coordinating multiple projects and programs for both large and small non-profits in California and New Mexico. She brings a passion for sustainability, social justice and food security to the Earth Care team.

Ruby Lopez - Earth Care Educator 

 Ruby Lopez is Earth Care's School Educator and Organizer with YUCCA (Youth United for Climate Crisis Action). Ruby provides sustainability, civic leadership, and social justice education at Ortiz Middle School, Milagro Middle School, and Carlos Gilbert and is a member of our YUCCA Steering Committee. Ruby is a Santa Fe Community College Student in the Sustainable Technologies Department. A recent graduate of Santa Fe High School, Ruby has been working with community improvement programs since 2013. In addition to Ruby's roles at Earth Care, Ruby serves on the board of the Chainbreaker Collective.



Mary Ann Maestas - Communications Coordinator

Mary Ann is the Coordinator of Earth Care's programs and the person we all look to to keep things moving and organized. She graduated from Earth Care's Cadre Program where she completed her service working with the Santa Fe Farmers Market Institute for two years. She was born and raised in Santa Fe. She has a B.A. in Environmental Science and Policy from Smith College. After graduating she headed to Jordan on a Critical Language Scholarship to continue her Arabic language studies. Prior to joining the Earth Care’s Food Justice Cadre, she worked as a Program Assistant at an environmental studies institute in the Middle East. After a few years away, she is excited to rejoin her community supporting local food and food access in Santa Fe.

Karen Rencountre – Senior Trainer: karen@earthcarenm.org


Karen is Earth Care's lead trainer for our youth leadership programs. Karen worked for Earth Care as an AmeriCorps Vista in 2011 & has been an adult ally & Youth Allies training team member for the program ever since. She joined Earth Care as staff to take over the management of the program in January 2015. Karen was born in Rapid City South Dakota. She comes from a large family with a rich history with the land, culture, Native American activism, and change makers. She was inspired by her family’s story of surviving the Indian Boarding School Movement and the challenges they faced decolonizing and undoing internalized oppression. Karen is a queer Lakota Womyn, a youth advocate, and a working class gal. Karen is  a socially engaged citizen with a fierce commitment to being a supportive adult ally to LGBTQI youth, youth of color, youth empowerment, social justice, and environmental justice. Karen is a student, a facilitator of change and brings a wealth of knowledge in activating youth and adults to move towards their vision of a healthy and just community.  Karen developed a passion for social justice as a teenager. As a young adult she began her professional development in creating change when she took on a year of service as an Americorps VISTA working with Earth Care as a Youth Coordinator.  Karen has worked with the Santa Fe Mountain Centers NM Gay Straight Alliance Network as well as being on the steering committee for the National GSA Network. Karen has had the privilege to work with grassroots movements across the country working to stop the School To Prison Pipeline. She has presented Decolonizing the Diet workshop for the Institute of American Indian Arts as well as Decolonizing Gender and Sexuality for Native communities across New Mexico and nationally. She has worked with youth for over five years. When she is not rocking it in the community or keeping her grades up at school  she enjoys busting a move on the dance floor and hitting all the wrong notes at karaoke night.

Bianca Sopoci-Belknap – Co-Director: bianca@earthcarenm.org, 505-699-1025


Bianca does a lot of work behind the scenes to support the awesome programs & work of the organization that is led by other staff and our amazing youth including YUCCA (Youth United for Climate Crisis Action). She joined Earth Care in 2006 to develop and launch its youth leadership and organizing program, Youth Allies for Sustainability, when she was just 24 years old. Over many years she built out the Youth Allies program model and a

lso co-founded and directed Earth Care’s Food Justice and Environmental Stewardship AmeriCorps Service program. After eight years of running Earth Care’s leadership programs, she assumed the role of Executive Director in 2014 in order to revive the organization and shift the organization to fully embrace it's justice and equity orientation - through the development of an amazing staff of home-grown leaders and a shared leadership model, now fully implemented, though always a learning process. Born and raised in New Mexico, Bianca has been organizing around issues of social justice and sustainability in her home community since she was a teen at Santa Fe High School. Before joining Earth Care, Bianca worked as an educator and community advocate for a number of organizations across the country including Global Exchange, the Border Network for Human Rights, and Del Pueblo Inc., Local Energy, and Antioch College. She served as the Mayor appointed Chair of the Sustainable Santa Fe Commission for 3 years and was also an appointed member of the Santa Fe Policy Council. She currently splits her time between Earth Care and New Energy Economy where she implements climate justice campaigns and supports the staff as its Associate Director.


Autumn Rose Billie, Board Member

Autumn Billie is a Youth Allies alumna and former YA staff member/trainer. Autumn is from the tribal communities of Taos Pueblo, Acoma Pueblo, and Navajo Nation. She is the co-founder of Three Sisters Collective, a grassroots community focused on Indigenous and Pueblo women centric arts, activism and empowerment. She has worked as a reproductive health and body sovereignty facilitator with Tewa Women United and as an Office Aide with Wise Fool New Mexico. She currently attends Arizona State University and is majoring in Film and Media Production. She is a talented spoken word artist, writer and filmmaker. 

Nohemy Boroquez-Flores, Board Membernohemy2.jpg

Nohemy is an Earth Care AmeriCorps alumna. She was placed at our service-site La Familia in 2013-2014. She currently works for the Chainbreaker Collective and Health Action New Mexico and is a community advocate for the Southside Quality of Life Initiative. She brings a wealth of community organizing and social justice knowledge to the organization and it is great to have her back in a new leadership capacity.



Victoria Atencio - Board Member


Victoria is a Youth Allies alumna and former YA staff member/organizer. Victoria is from Santo Domingo Pueblo, New Mexico. Victoria was a previous Youth Allies member for Earth Care while attending Santa Fe Indian School and is a graduate of Earth Care's Cadre Program through which she served as a youth organizer. Victoria has a Masters in natural resource management and a BS in Wildlife Science, Biology and Rangeland Science. She currently serves as the Environmental Education & Community Outreach Coordinator at Pueblo of Santa Ana Department of Natural Resources.


Jorge Gonzales, Board President: Jorge@earthcarenm.org

jorge-300x210.jpgJorge was part of the original training team that helped to develop Earth Care’s Youth Allies curriculum when he worked for the Santa Fe Mountain Center’s Native American Emergence Program. He has over 20 years experience working in youth development and community advocacy. He is currently completing his masters in community planning.





Sergio Gonzáles, Board Secretary: Sergio@earthcarenm.org

sergio-217x300.jpgSergio was born and raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Sergio was a Youth Allies participant and organizer with the program from 2008-2011. Sergio currently attends the University of New Mexico where he is enrolled in a combined BA/MD Program. He is an advisory board member of the Bernalillo County Place Matters project which seeks to address public health and environmental justice issues in Bernalillo county. In 2012, Sergio took a year off of school to do full-time union organizing on college campuses in California. He is excited to serve on the Board of Earth Care and support an organization that was instrumental in his development as a community leader and activist.


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