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In addition to our primary programs, Earth Care believes in the importance of engaging adult allies in training in how to work intergenerationally and how to work at the intersection of ecological and social justice - as a way of role-modeling for our young folks and also in order to ensure that our young leaders find themselves more and more in movement spaces where their leadership is recognized and valued - and where transformative organizing and community empowerment are being modeled.

We engage the community in education about contemporary sustainability and social justice issues and provide avenues for community members to actively get involved in making a positive difference through service work, advocacy campaigns, and updates and calls to action. Focused on environmental stewardship, equity, and social justice, our work to promote intergenerational and cross-cultural understanding and systemic change toward long-term community health, resilience, and justice is a resource for youth and adult allies in our community.

This work has led us to play a leadership role in the Santa Fe Food Policy Council, the City’s Sustainable Santa Fe Commission, and to develop resource guides such as the Sustainable Santa Fe Guide, the Sustainability Education Resource Guide, and the Sustainable Santa Fe website.

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