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Santa Fe’s first Plaza Comunitaria will start offering basic literacy and education classes for Spanish speakers this month

La primera Plaza Comunitaria en Santa Fe va a ofrecer estudios básicos y clases educacionales para hispanohablantes este mes

Cipriana, coordinator of Plaza Comunitario (Photo Credit: Santa Fe Reporter)

Exciting news!! The new Plaza Comunitaria is finally underway. We just signed the MOU with our partners and will soon be bringing classes (this month!). We have so much gratitude for the Consulado de México en Albuquerque for their partnership in this endeavor. Check out this article from the Santa Fe Reporter to read more about this program.

Felicidades a Earth Care/Poder Familiar & Consulado de México! Leer este artículo en español.

Spanish speakers who need help with basic literacy and education, including computer skills, will now have a new place to learn here on the Southside.

The program is for Spanish-speaking adults (of any nationality) to work on their elementary and secondary education, all for free. It will consist of different certified courses, including primary education and computer classes, basic literacy in Spanish and beginner English lessons.

If you are interested or know someone who might be in the Plaza Comunitaria, call 505-204-1628 or email

Si está interesado o conoce a alguien que podría estar en la Plaza Comunitaria, llame al 505-204-1628 o envíe un correo electrónico a

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