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As Women's History Month comes to an end, we would be remiss if we don't acknowledge the dedication and commitment to the community that our women bring to this work. Without their energy, foresight, and sheer fortitude Earth Care would literally collapse. They are the glue to our campaigns and the liberation work that we always strive for. This graphic is created to commemorate, acknowledge and highlight their hard work.

We understand that Intersectionality is key to our movement-building work because systems of oppression all intersect and overlap and their effects are compounded. When we focus on intersectionality and intentionally and necessarily include it in our work we can solve systemic problems and not replace, or coopt it with another. Having said this we continue to advocate for women's causes LGBTQIA2S+, racial equity, disability rights, immigration, and any other causes that lead us toward liberation.

We also want to remind you all that trans women are women and that womanhood is not defined by one's body parts. Having said this we want to uplift and highlight all of our EC trans and two-spirit relatives.

Earth Care wants to acknowledge the hard work of our Poder Familiar Coordinator, Miriam Luevano.

Without the invaluable work that Miriam has put into planning, organizing, and instructing our Abriendo Puertas and Family Leadership Councils this work would not be as strong and unified as it is now. We want to thank her for her contributions to all her work here at Earth Care, Miriam is constantly answering phone calls, and messages from our councils and students and is always quick to offer information and provide solutions. Miriam, we appreciate you!

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