Ranked Choice Voting Hearing

Ranked Choice Voting (RCV)

If we get this done ahead of the 2018 election, 
we can be assured our next Mayor will be supported by the majority of voters.

Let's avoid splitting the progressive vote 4 ways - and instead, 
let's institute the will of Santa Feans as voiced almost a decade ago:


8:15-9:15 AM
First Judicial District Court
255 Montezuma Ave, Santa Fe, NM 87501


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In 2008, Santa Feans voted to implement Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) in municipal elections, also called instant runoff voting. However, it is 2017 and the City has not yet implemented RCV despite the equipment and system being available to the City at no cost.

How it works: With RCV, voters have the power to rank candidates in order of choice. If a candidate earns more than half of the votes when considering only first choices, that candidate will win like in other elections. But if no candidate has a majority, then the candidate in last place is eliminated. If a voter’s top choice is eliminated, their vote counts for their next choice in the next round of counting. That process repeats until a candidate wins with a majority of the votes cast for active candidates. This promotes majority rule better than Santa Fe’s current system, which would instead elect whoever has the most votes, even if they have fewer than half of the votes cast. From 1994-2008 over 40% of elected officials in Santa Fe received less than a majority of votes. RCV has already been implemented in more than 11 cities.  

Last week, Judge Shaffer ordered the City to implement RCV by the next election, but the City recused the Judge. After two court orders and this recusal, the City is preparing its arguments for delaying RCV implementation even longer. 

Learn more on how RCV can impact the upcoming mayoral election READ HERE
"The software has been tested and certified by the NM Secretary of State. Whether or not Santa Fe adopts RCV this software will be used in March, so there is no reason not to proceed and lots of reasons not to delay further.  Without RCV, Ives, Maestas, Noble and Webber could split the progressive vote and with 25% of the vote we get a Mayor no one else wants. FOR 4 YEARS!" 


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