Social Justice

powertopeople.jpgSocial Justice is paramount to building sustainable communities. Though a justice and equity lens are integrated into every campaign and project we undertake, there are specific projects that our youth leaders and staff invest in that are focused explicitly on equal rights, protection, and privileges. Our work - in our training programs and in our campaigns and projects also always integrates a critical perspective on systems of oppression & privilege - and on colonization.

We are happy to offer trainings on these topics to other organizations. Including training on adultism and skills/strategies for acting as an ally, accomplice, and advocate for young people.

Since the recent election, we've initiated a new campaign: Building Community Power & Resilience in the Face of Adversity


Look out for upcoming trainings and calls to action.

Our youth have always worked on defending and fighting for the rights of immigrant communities. As a large number of our program participants and Earth Care community members are immigrants or from immigrant families - this is an issue that hits very close to home. 


Since our first year of Youth Allies Organizing Program when our youth trained with Somos to offer Know Your Rights Trainings to their peers throughout Santa Fe and helped organize the Immigrant Rights May Day event, we've always maintained a close relationship with the immigrant rights groups and organizations in town.

We are currently organizing to support the Sanctuary City initiative. You can learn more about that HERE.

Our staff are current members of the Social Equity Working Group with the City of Santa Fe as well as the Immigration Committee.

Our youth organized to help get the Living Wage passed and to ensure that it did not exclude young people, the elderly, or the service industry.



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