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Poder Familiar is a Family Leadership Collaborative, hosted by Earth Care in Santa Fe, NM which came into fruition in the late spring of 2017.

Poder Familiar operates on the fact that building community leadership capacity, defined as collective behavior to achieve desired results, is critical to sustainable social change. Add to this a critical consciousness, and you have the foundation for transformation. We want to maintain the broader focus on the holistic picture of building leadership as it is understood in the collective. In traditional cultures all learning, leadership and life is relational. This is true today as well, and the strength for resistance, celebration and change lies within that reality. 

Poder's structure is based on the curriculum Abriendo Puertas, as well as on political education, community strengthening and civic engagement, in intersection with our Youth Action Network, in support of developing holistic forces of action for change.

Abriendo Puertas is the only evidence-based curriculum for supporting Latino Families in the United States.  Developed in L.A and now used across the country, Abriendo Puertas is founded on the premise that parents are the first teachers and households the first schools. It aims to create authentic relationships between families and schools, giving them power and voice in their children’s education as well as over education reform; to increase family civic engagement and empowerment for families to have the platform to influence legislation, advocate for civil rights, and spearhead campaigns and community initiatives that protect and enhance the overall well being of their community; and to equip children to have the appropriate developmental support as well as a solid ground to initiate their leadership within community, through the health and wholesome participation of the family as a unit.

Our first graduating cohort of Poder Familiar Family Collaborative graduated this past summer: 25 mothers from our community, who are teachers, mothers, leaders and change makers participated in the launch of Earth Care’s new program, Poder Familiar Family Collaborative. These admirable women completed the 10 session Abriendo Puertas curriculum and graduated - celebrated by their families and community. 

Ten of these women went on to complete the secondary phase of the program, a three-day intensive train the trainers, which equips them to become fully certified facilitators and bring the Abriendo Puertas Curriculum to other parents in Santa Fe, creating a powerful ripple effect in their community. 

To complete and implement the transformational education based Abriendo Puertas curriculum demands courage, commitment, support, fierceness, togetherness and willingness, all qualities that these women posses and surpass.


Our facilitator team will be launching its first ten session unit in early November 2017, with the strategic aim to have completed it before the start of second semester. The structure of the program is such that after the ten sessions are completed, parents will then be better oriented to engage in PTA's, School Advisory Councils, candidate forums and the legislative session for the betterment of our community.

The total cost of these ten session units is $3,000. Please donate whatever you can give here!

The beauty and power of this model is that the investment of those initial $3,000 dollars multiplies and ripples tenfold. The structure of the program is such that when parents complete these trainings, Poder Familiar is committed to supporting our graduates in entering the work force within a setting that fosters dignity, opportunity and further professional and personal development. Poder Familiar accomplishes this through intentional and deliberate partnerships with other local non-profits, schools, and community collaborative efforts. Facilitators are set to receive a minimum of $15 dollars an hour, and to have Earth Care’s support in navigating their process as educators and change makers.

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Our next session of Abriendo Puertas starts on February 1, 2019. Contact Co-Director Miguel Acosta at [email protected] for more information.

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