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The Youth Action Network is the catch-all for Youth Allies. It’s generally how young people first get engaged with the program. It is open to any young person in northern New Mexico and you can join any time during the year.


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The Youth Action Network includes regular gatherings after school and on the weekend organized by Youth Allies Staff or Organizers to bring youth together to build community and start learning about sustainability & social activism together. Most often Network meetings include a mixture of “get to know you” activities, service work in support of community action campaigns and projects, and resource sharing. No need to know anyone beforehand - we'll make sure to help you get connected with the group and make your unique contribution.

The Youth Action Network also connects young people to community engagement opportunities throughout the year. It is a greatway to fulfill your volunteer, community service, or service-learning goals and requirements. When you join the Network, you get one-on-one mentoring and support from our staff.


We work with non-profits throughout Santa Fe and are often the “go-to” organization when others are looking to engage youth in their community improvement efforts – so Youth Allies will definitely open up a lot of doors and opportunities for your positive engagement in the community.

The Youth Action Network offers support services in areas beyond community engagement including educational resources, information to support youth-led project work (including grant opportunities), and social service references.

 Youth Allies Organizers run several Community Action Projects & Campaigns. Work on these projects most often takes place at Earth Care on Saturday afternoons from 2-5pm. Email us for details at [email protected]

You can also follow our Facebook page to hear about activities and events you might be interested in.

Check out our Resources Section to access our support services.


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