Our community has a vision for health equity, environmental and economic justice, and youth & family centered community development. Our communities in the Airport Road corridor are home to the majority of Santa Fe households with children under 18.

Though the southside of Santa Fe has not seen adequate public investment in green spaces, culturally and linguistically relevant services, or community development resources -- our community is filled with vibrant cultural traditions, close-nit family networks, small businesses and economic ingenuity, and amazing leaders and visionaries -- young and old.

Because of inequity and institutional racism our community here in the Airport Road corridor is also being hit extremely hard at the moment -- , growing population as working families are displaced from the center of town, and hit hard by COVID-19 because so many of our community members are essential workers on the frontlines of essential service provision.

Associated Asphalt & Materials Co is applying for a new air quality permit to essentially operate 24/7. Residents and folks working next to this plant have pushed back the permitting process. Now we are gearing up for the next hearing date in March 2021.

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From the Press release:

The combined effects of COVID-19, which disproportionately affects “essential,” low-income workers who live on the Southside, and increased air pollution from a variety of businesses in the area zoned Commercial/Industrial, cannot be overstated. Pre-existing conditions like asthma leave people of all ages at greater risk during the pandemic. 

Along with the NM Environmental Law Center & local community residents we have kicking off a campaign to fight the expansion of
 asphalt plants in our neighborhoods, located near multiple predominantly low-income communities of color in Southside Santa Fe off of 599 -- and make sure our communities voices are heard in the decision-making process.

“This area has rapidly taken on the characteristics of a sacrifice zone,” says Earth Care co-
director Miguel Acosta. “The neighborhoods were annexed in the last ten years by the City of
Santa Fe after being neglected by the county for many decades. The city and county’s
collective neglect has now turned more deadly as children and families that are the last to be
tested, last to be vaccinated, most likely to be exposed to COVID 19 and least likely to have
health insurance, are the most likely to suffer from the cumulative impacts on their health. 
Recovering from the pandemic and building a just, healthy, anti-racist and equitable community
go hand in hand.”

Read More About It:
"Targeted for Pollution: Southside coalition beefs up with technical expert, lawyers in fight against an asphalt plant.

Listen to the podcast from Katherine Lewin, featuring her interview with partners in this campaign.

To obtain information related to this permitting action, visit the Air Quality Bureau’s website at quality/permit-applications-with-public-interest-public-meeting-or-public-hearing/