Youth Allies for Sustainability is a multi-level civic engagement, leadership, and community organizing program providing opportunities for young people to discover their voices, act on their convictions for a more just and sustainable world, and realize their full potential as individuals, community members, and stewards of the earth. The Youth Allies Leadership Institute is a partnership with Santa Fe Mountain Center and many other community-based organizations in northern New Mexico. To learn more about the Youth Allies Leadership Institute, Youth Allies Organizing Program, the Youth Allies Network, and Youth Voices for Change. Through Youth Allies, Earth Care also coordinates the City’s Youth Advisory Board to the Sustainable Santa Fe Commission.

Earth Care Cadre collaborates with partners to engage young people, schools, and the community at large directly in meeting critical community needs with a particular emphasis on food justice. We train and prepare the next generation of civic leaders, entrepreneurs, educators, farmers, and food advocates; addressing root causes of childhood obesity and diabetes; increasing urban food production; decreasing our food systems’ contribution to climate change; and increasing access to local, healthy food for those most in need.

Sustainability Education Program model civic engagement and sustainability education resulting in school improvement. Earth Care supports schools in developing youth-led, integrated, multidisciplinary, real world curriculum and projects that involve students and teachers in research, learning and action for sustainability. Using sustainability as an integrating context for curriculum, innovative teaching practices, community partnerships, and student engagement, Earth Care’s K-12 programs can help make your school a sustainable place to be! Specifically we support student-driven initiatives to green school campuses, change school food, and bring relevancy to curriculum.

Youth and Community Garden located at outside our office on the southside of Santa Fe, our garden provides a space for local youth, school groups, and community members to learn about sustainable living practices, come together to build intergenerational community, and play together in the dirt.  Featuring food production strategies, community garden plots, permaculture principles, herb gardening, pollinator plants, composting, healing spaces, educational murals, & local artistry, the garden is a platform for our educational programming with youth as well as a venue for sustainable living and food production workshops.

Sustainable Community Development Services and Campaigns engage the community in education about contemporary sustainability and social justice issues and provide avenues for community members to actively get involved in making a positive difference through service work, advocacy campaigns, and updates and calls to action. Focused on environmental stewardship, equity, and social justice, our work to promote intergenerational and cross-cultural understanding and systemic change toward long-term community health, resilience, and justice is a resource for youth and adult allies in our community. This work has led us to play a leadership role in the Santa Fe Food Policy Council, the City’s Sustainable Santa Fe Commission, and to develop resource guides such as the Sustainable Santa Fe Guide, the Sustainability Education Resource Guide, and the Sustainable Santa Fe website.


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