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Plaza Comunitaria

Plaza Comunitaria is the Center of Basic Education that Earth Care/Poder Familiar offers to the community in Santa Fe with the vision of equipping  Spanish speakers to access better opportunities. 

Who can take these classes?

Any adult, Spanish speaker, 16 years or older, that is interested in completing their basic education studies in Spanish and needs academic, technological, or any other support in pursuit of their educational objective. Class schedules are flexible to allow individuals to continue with work and family obligations. 



The priority is to be interested in getting support to complete basic education

Some documentation will be required to validate your studies such as: 

  • Proof of Identity

  • Photos

  • Previous school records if available

  • Present a placement test

Are you ready? Sign up for the next classes!

Send an email to with PLAZA COMUNITARIA as the subject and we will contact you. 

Plaza Comunitaria Coordinator


Gabriella Marquez Villegas

Maestra Gabriella joined Earth Care during the beginning of our EJ Campaign. Now she is our Plaza Comunitaria Coordinator. She is an accomplished and versatile professional with 26 years of experience in public service into the education field. 

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