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Midtown Public Engagement Report

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Check out the Midtown Public Engagement Report, the culmination of outreach and engagement done by us & other community orgs! We spoke to YOU and you told us and the City what you want done with the Midtown Campus!

Overall, Santa Feans agree on a vision for the Midtown District in which the site, located in the heart of the City, advances belonging, culture, equitable development, environmental and community health. Santa Feans envision a site where access to sustainable and affordable housing and educational, economic, cultural, and recreational opportunities is modeled. This vision aligns with and builds upon the Midtown Planning Guidelines developed in 2018. Santa Feans want a Midtown that is:
• Sustainable And Healthy: renewable, resilient & selfreliant; promoting healthy communities, individuals, and ecosystems; prioritizing people over cars
• Local: reflective of Santa Fe, designed for Santa Feans and managed by Santa Feans—arts, culture, community, opportunity
• Inclusive: supporting youth, families, elderly, unsheltered, BIPOC, LGBTQ
• Affordable: housing, recreation, education, arts, culture, community, healthcare
• Equitable: prioritizing those who have fewer resources & opportunities, with protection from displacement
• Community Driven: community voice in decision making In the “Ideas about the Future SF Midtown” section of the survey, a multiple-choice question asked for respondents to choose up to five priorities to complete the sentence “At Midtown, my community and I should be able to…” While all options received a positive response and were chosen by many respondents, the top 5 choices were: 1. Gather as a community 2. Live in a home that is affordable to me 3. Have education and opportunities for learning 4. Spend time outdoors 5. Have work and career opportunities

The Residents’ Bill of Rights (Santa Fe Resolution 2015- 65) informs the foundation and framework for the input solicited from community and the recommendations and guidance co-created with the Midtown Engagement Partners. This chart shows how the Resident Bill of Rights framework aligns with the themes of Economy, Environment, Equity, and Culture which will structure the Community Development Plan.


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