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Watch the 2024 Southside Candidates Forum & Make a Plan to Head to the Polls!

Earth Care members hosted a 2024 Southside Candidates Forum for Senate District 24 as well as County Commission District 2 races. As a youth and family leadership organization, we are hosting this forum to give our members and voters an opportunity to hear candidates discuss issues of importance this election specifically regarding community economic development, education, environmental justice and community well-being especially in areas of our district that have not received equitable investments and support. The forum was held on May 9, 2024, primarily in Spanish with English interpretation. Watch the Forum here!

 Early voting is ongoing all across the county, with Election day being THIS TUESDAY, JUNE 4th! Make a plan to get out and vote because primary elections determine who will be on the final ticket in the General Election! In some races, the primary determines who will end up representing you!


County Commission District 2 Candidates

Lisa Cacari Stone

Scott Fuqua - Absent due to work commitments

Benito Martinez Jr. - Absent

Senate District 24 Candidates

Anna Hansen

Veronica Krupnick

Linda Trujillo 

Here are the questions we asked:

1. With a focus on the area north of Airport Rd, annexed into the city over the last 10-12 years, what policies, rules and funding initiatives would you propose to balance density so that all areas of the Santa Fe area, not just the southside, support new housing developments and especially affordable housing? Related to that, how would you balance equity in quality of life amenities so that residents in the annexed areas can enjoy and be supported by what other areas have had for decades?

2. Given the extensive rate of youth homelessness and the additional challenges young people face, how will you prioritize increasing support for housing options and addressing the root causes of homelessness in our community? What specific initiatives will you champion to ensure a brighter future for our youth?

3. What policies, rules and funding initiatives would you propose to increase the access to food assistance programs for the immigrant community?

4. As you know, it was recently discovered that PFAS Contamination was found in groundwater in the La Cienega and La Cieneguilla areas due to actions taken at the Army National Guard Center. The extent and source of the contamination is unknown and residents have been forced to take on testing and finding alternative water sources costing them money, time, and other resources. Given the scarcity of water resources in our state and the impact that water contamination has on the community, what will you do to be proactive about water contamination and prevention in our county and district?

Santa Fe County voters can choose any Early Voting or Election Day polling location to vote. At every site, Same Day Registration is available only to voters who need to register or update their registration to vote. For Same Day Registration, please bring 1.) photo ID showing your address, or 2.) a photo ID and a bill or document showing your name and address or 3.) a student ID and current school financial statement. 


Find Early Voting Sites & Election Day locations here:

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