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Hey all! We're safe and sound after participating in several powerful direct actions this week as this critical climate action week unfolds at the same time as the UN Climate Accountability Summit. Some of the highlights for us have been: 1) Watching local New Yorkers organize hundreds of activists from around the country as well as grassroots leaders from burrows throughout the City - into different roles and risk-levels and jail solidarity support teams democratically and with grace and efficiency. We definitely were taking notes! 2) We got interviewed by Teen Vogue!!! 3) and the Verge! and had great coverage of the big action in the Gothamist We're so happy national media outlets are covering this week's critical actions and shedding light on the issues and demands from communities across the US as we converge on NYC demanding climate action now! 4) Protesting outside of the bank funding the dangerous hydrogen pipeline project proposed for AZ/NM. 5) Amazing food and friendly locals who took us out to awesome places 6) Visiting Stonewall and learning about social justice history in the City

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