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New Campaign: Transforming Extra to Investments in Equity

The Transforming Extra to Investments in Equity Campaign is an effort to address disparity and inequity in Santa Fe and build a solidarity economy. We ask you to join us in an act of interdependence, towards meeting the basic needs of every member of our community by taking action with us in August and/or contributing to our summer fund to redistribute tax rebates and personal means.

Our campaign encourages as many people as possible to redistribute all of, or part of, their tax rebates or personal means to their neighbors who did not receive a rebate or are in need of assistance. Earlier this summer, Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham announced that the state would be sending out tax rebates to 2021 New Mexico taxpayers in the amount of $500 for single filers and $1,000 for couples filing jointly. These rebates started going out in June. Contribute to the campaign and help us redistribute resources to individuals and families in Santa Fe!

To contribute to this campaign, go to our website here:


Another way to transform extra economic resources into investments for equity in Santa Fe is to support Ordinance Bill No. 2023-23, the High-End Excise Tax for Affordable Housing. This bill, introduced by City Councilors Renee Villarreal and Jamie Cassutt, would establish an excise tax on the transfer of residential property sold for over $1 million and direct the revenues into the Affordable Housing Trust Fund. On August 22nd at 5pm, the Council will hold a special meeting at the Santa Fe Convention Center, where they will vote on the final ordinance which will enable this proposal to be placed on our ballots during the November General Election, among other proposed items. This will give Santa Feans a chance to vote to support affordable housing by moving resources in alignment with economic justice principles. The ordinance is a one-time modest tax on homes that sell for over $1 million. The tax will be paid by the buyer, and only applied to the amount over $1 million, e.g. – on a $1.2 million home, the tax will be applied to $200,000 for a one-time payment of $6,000. The money will go directly into the Affordable Housing Trust Fund which is used solely for affordable housing: building units, rehabilitating units or homes for income-qualified homeowners, providing down payment assistance for income qualified buyers, or providing rental assistance for income qualified tenants. The councilors estimate the tax could generate $4.5 million a year for the fund. By supporting this bill, we can transform extra economic resources into investments for equity as it will be put on the November 2023 Election Ballot for voters to decide! Our asks: Please take 5 minutes now to send an email to the City Councilors and the Mayor to let them know you support the Ordinance.​

  1. Alan Webber, Mayor - 505-955-6590

  2. Signe I. Lindell, District 1 Mayor Pro Tem - 505-955-6812

  3. Michael Garcia, District 2 Councilor - 505-955-6816

  4. Carol Romero-Wirth, District 2 Councilor - 505-955-6815

  5. Chris Rivera, District 3 Councilor - 505-955-6818

  6. Lee Garcia, District 3 Councilor - 505-955-6814

  7. Amanda Chavez, District 4 Councilor - 505-955-6811

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