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The Luxury Home Excise Tax Passes!!! Voters Will Get To Support Affordable Housing In November!

Hundreds of community members gathered to support the High-End Excise Tax Ordinance on August 23, 2023. Dozens lined up to speak on the ordinance as the line reached out the door of the ballroom where city councilors and Mayor Alan Webber were hearing public comments from about 60 concerned residents that discussed the city's severe housing shortage, especially for middle-class and low-income residents.

Earth Care members & allies also passionately voiced their support, emphasizing that the current housing market is unaffordable for most, leading many to leave the city. They highlighted the need for affordable housing for young individuals and long-time Santa Feans struggling to find affordable homes.

Councilors Renee Villarreal and Jamie Cassutt introduced the ordinance, which will be voted on during the 2023 November Election. This is seen as the first of many measures to combat Santa Fe's affordable housing crisis.

The measure will now move to the November ballot where the community will have the opportunity to vote to support affordable housing.

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