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Earth Care and Santa Fe Mutual Aid Network partners have launched a #sharemycheckcampaign

Please join us by redistributing all of, or part of, your stimulus check to a fund set up to redistribute these checks directly to those who won't be receiving a check. This fund is part of a network of rapid response mutual-aid funds and long-term grassroots movement building organizations under the umbrella of Santa Fe Mutual Aid. Participating organizations include Earth Care/YUCCA/Poder Familiar, Red Nation, DSA-SF, SF Dreamers Project, Communities in Schools, and Fathers New Mexico.


Joining this effort means being part of a commitment to wealth redistribution. While millions of people will soon receive their stimulus checks from the federal government, many will remain unemployed, uninsured, and unsheltered while COVID-19 continues to spread. A one-time $1,200 payment is unlikely to make it or break it for folks w/ stable income and those who come from generational wealth. But it can mean the difference between survival and desperation for millions of others who won't be getting a check at all. Those who aren't receiving a check are many of the hardest hit by this crisis. Pledge to #ShareMyCheck with SFMutualAid and join the campaign to ensure that we all have enough to make it through this crisis.



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    CARES Act - Job Opportunities

    ***English text is below La ciudad de Santa Fe ha recibido algunos fondos de la Ley CARES y quiere crear algunos puestos de trabajo para la comunidad. Estos puestos son temporales y estarán vigentes hasta el 31 de diciembre de 2020. Pueden ser puestos a tiempo parcial o tiempo completo. El salario sera $12.10 por hora. Tambien debe de tener documentación legal / autorización para trabajar en los Estados Unidos. Mire las diferentes posiciones a continuación y los requisitos. Descripciones y requisitos laborales de la ciudad de Santa Fe AVISO: ESTO NO GARANTIZA UNA POSICIÓN 1. Ayudante de Santa Fe PROWD (Recreación Ambulante): Ayuda a implementar las reglas y regulaciones del programa para jóvenes para prevenir lesiones entre los participantes y daños a los sitios del programa y al equipo del programa. Ayuda a los supervisores del programa y a los supervisores auxiliares con la coordinación, implementación y supervisión de las diversas actividades recreativas, instructivas y educativas para los participantes del programa. Asiste en la instrucción y cuidado de los participantes del programa en una variedad de actividades recreativas, actividades deportivas y eventos. Se relaciona con los niños participando en actividades para jóvenes Ayuda a servir comida y bocadillos a los participantes del programa. Asiste a juntas de trabajo y entrenamientos de trabajo, según sea necesario. Realiza mantenimiento general y limpieza al final de cada día de trabajo. Sigue todos los protocolos y pautas de Covid-19. 2. Ayudante ambiental: Darle mantenimiento a parques y terrenos. Ayudar con el mantenimiento en el parque y alrededor de las instalaciones recreativas y dar mantenimiento a jardines que incluye plantar, regar, arrancar hierbas, etc. Recoger y tirar la basura; vaciar los botes de basura; carga y descargas  basura y otros escombros Sigue todos los protocolos y pautas de Covid-19. Si estan interesados por favor de llenar este formulario aqui:  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScCOBQQ5Aul7eN9J31X0N3Y0Bd6dAKf9hDYdyl5y215CJyypg/viewform  The City of Santa Fe has received some CARES Act funds and wants to create some local jobs. Please fill out the Google Form linked below if you would like to be considered. The city of Santa Fe has received some CARES Act funds and wants to create some jobs for the community. These positions are temporary and will be in effect until December 31st of 2020. These postions requires people to be 16 or older of age can, be part-time or full-time positions. The hourly rate will be $12.10. Also must have legal paperwork/authorization to work in the United States. Please look at the different positions below and the requirements. DISCLAIMER: THIS DOES NOT GUARANTEE A POSITION City of Santa Fe Job Descriptions and Requirements Must be: 16 years and older to apply Must have legal paperwork/authorization to work in the United States 1. Santa Fe PROWD (Rec on Wheel program) Helper -Assists in enforcing youth program rules and regulations among participants to prevent injuries to participants and damage to program sites and program equipment.  -Assists Program Supervisors and Assistant Supervisors with the coordination, implementation and oversight of the various recreational, instructional and educational activities for program participants. -Assists in the instruction and care of the program participates in a variety of recreational activities, sporting activities and events. -Engages with children by participating in youth activities -Assists in serving food and snacks to program participants. -Attends staff meetings and staff training, as required. -Performs general maintenance and cleaning at the end of each workday. -Follow all Covid-19 protocols and guidelines.   2. Environmental Helper- -Provide parks and grounds keeping maintenance work. -Assists in park and around recreational facilities with maintenance and landscape maintenance includes planting, watering, pull weeds, etc. -Picks up and disposes of litter; empties trash cans; loads and unloads trash and other debris -Follow all Covid-19 protocols and guidelines. If interested in any of the above positions, please fill out this form HERE or copy & paste the link below in your browser. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScCOBQQ5Aul7eN9J31X0N3Y0Bd6dAKf9hDYdyl5y215CJyypg/viewform 
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    Call to Action - Call the Governor's Office

    Here's a call script from organizers from Keep Santa Fe Multicultural mural campaign. For more information, check out their website: https://keepsantafemulticultural.org/    Governor's Office: 505-476-2200   Hello, my name is [insert your name] and I am your constituent from [insert city and state]. I am calling to ask Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham to do everything in her power to save the historic Multicultural mural that currently resides on the Halpin Building on 2118 S Guadalupe Street. The Department of Cultural Affairs has not been transparent about their plans to demolish an important artwork, painted by renowned artists (Gilberto Guzmán, Frederico Vigil, Zara Kriegstein, Rosemary Stearns, David Bradley, and Linda Lomahoftewa) and members of the community, without public input. I am calling on you to ask the DCA to postpone any further plans to demolish the mural. The DCA should host a public townhall and provide a timeline on Vladem Contemporary’s construction and all plans for demolition of the building. Given that DCA has misrepresented the conservator’s report on the mural, they should also seek a cost estimate proposal by a qualified professional examining all the options provided in Lawrence's original report. And while the DCA’s mission is a ‘dedication to preserving and celebrating the cultural integrity and diversity of our state,’ by pushing for the destruction of a significant cultural and historical marker in Santa Fe, they are not only evading their stated mission, but treating the museum's construction and the mural's destruction as if it were entirely funded by private money when that is not the case. Please advocate for this significant public artwork and all that it stands for.         Attachments area    
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    New Plaza Comunitario!

    Education Without Borders + Educación Sin Fronteras Santa Fe’s first Plaza Comunitaria will start offering basic literacy and education classes for Spanish speakers this month La primera Plaza Comunitaria en Santa Fe va a ofrecer estudios básicos y clases educacionales para hispanohablantes este mes Cipriana, coordinator of Plaza Comunitario (Photo Credit: Santa Fe Reporter) Exciting news!! The new Plaza Comunitaria is finally underway. We just signed the MOU with our partners and will soon be bringing classes (this month!). We have so much gratitude for the Consulado de México en Albuquerque for their partnership in this endeavor. Check out this article from the Santa Fe Reporter to read more about this program. Felicidades a Earth Care/Poder Familiar & Consulado de México! Leer este artículo en español. Spanish speakers who need help with basic literacy and education, including computer skills, will now have a new place to learn here on the Southside. The program is for Spanish-speaking adults (of any nationality) to work on their elementary and secondary education, all for free. It will consist of different certified courses, including primary education and computer classes, basic literacy in Spanish and beginner English lessons. If you are interested or know someone who might be in the Plaza Comunitaria, call 505-204-1628 or email [email protected] Si está interesado o conoce a alguien que podría estar en la Plaza Comunitaria, llame al 505-204-1628 o envíe un correo electrónico a [email protected]
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