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EIB Hearing Update Feb 23-25

Environmental Justice Campaign Update

We concluded the 3 day Environmental Improvement Board Hearing last Friday! Thank you all who signed our petition & submitted comment on the issue of industry in our neighborhoods! Your voices were heard during the hearing!

Similar to last year's hearing we have to wait a few months until we get a final decision from the Board to either approve, deny or modify the permit. It is a long process. First, the court reporters will transcribe the hearing. The attorneys from both sides will then have 30 days after that to submit filings and their concluding statements. The hearing officer will then have 30 days to issue his report/recommendation, after which both sides will be able to offer responses. Then the board will deliberate in a closed meeting, not open to the public, and we are expecting an announcement, possibly, at their July meeting.

Next steps TBA as we continue to keep the conversation going...

Check out our website to learn more about the campaign & check out the photographic tour of some of the businesses & industry in our backyard from Linda & Franz, 2 active residents -

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