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Thanks for helping us kick off the Week of Climate Action with a hugely successful NM Climate Strike

We've been non-stop climate action! After rocking the streets of ABQ with y'all last Thursday - we came straight to NY where we joined 75,000 marchers in the streets of New York City to demand meaningful action by our political leaders ahead of the UN Climate Accountability Summit taking place this week. This week of Climate Action has already been jam-packed and pretty sleepless for us - but we wanted to take a break from the action to send our thanks! Thanks to all our No False Solutions Partners, our organizational allies, our speakers, our performers, our vehicle support team, and, of course, all the amazing youth, children, teachers, adults, and elders who joined us in the streets for the strike on Thursday and everyone who helped us deliver a powerful message to New Mexico's administration and legislators - that we need immediate and comprehensive climate action, investment in a just transition, and an end to the stall-tactics and greenwashing of false solutions.

We are also grateful to the reporters who hung with us for the day - and who knew! the Journal - for awesome coverage of this most critical issue! Shoutout to Chancey Bush for her awesome photojournalism! Check it out!

THANK YOU ALL!!!! ***CHECK OUT OUR FRONT PAGE COVERAGE & WRAP UP BELOW*** And don't miss the poem we delivered at the end!

Instead of moving forward real climate commitments and solutions during this global week of climate action, NM leadership joined with corporate partners to put on the Advanced Energy Ecosystem Summit. As the recent climate report card from the Center for Biological Diversity (which gave the Lujan-Grisham administration an F), the climate progress report by the Environmental Defense Fund (that found that NM is set to reduce emissions by a pathetic 1% by 2025), and the NM Political Report - too many NM political leaders are sidestepping real climate action.

In addition to organizing in the streets, YUCCA representatives went to the Summit to educate attendees and engage decision-makers. Summit organizers refused to sell tickets to the group. The group presented info packets garnished with carnations to Summit attendees to educate them on the dangers of the false solutions being presented at the Summit.

When we get home from NY, we'll deliver the packets along with the NM Declaration that we carried to NYC for the UN Climate Summit and delivered to the UN - to legislators back home. And we'll make sure they got our poem!

We need you to hear our call

our people couldn’t pay $200

and you’ve got our backs up against a wall

see while you talk about techno fixing

we feel the clock ticking

the fires, floods, and heat are saying

our mama earth is not playing

she’s sick - industry is killing her - her fever is your doing

we need to stop stalling and start moving

we can’t fix this unless we stop extraction

things like hydrogen, ccs, nuclear, & net zero are just a distraction

the elephant in the room that we all know

is that oil and gas drilling in new mexico

continues to just grow and grow

but we know it has got to go

please talk about real climate action

take all your talents and your passion

help us model a just transition

from fossil fuels to reduce emissions

if you don’t finally break this abusive dependence

your short-sighted hunger for oil $ is going to end us

so please as you continue on

remember our words when we have gone

as young people we need adults like you

to protect our future and your grandkids too

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