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Over 100 Youth Climate Justice Activists & Supporters Stage Die-In on Opening Day of the 2023 NM Leg

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our annual Opening Day Action. The Die-In highlighted the devastating losses New Mexicans and communities across the world have already suffered at the hands of climate disruption caused by fossil fuel pollution. After the worst wildfires, the state has ever seen YUCCA is demanding lawmakers take immediate action this session to address climate change and protect their future. Youth leaders are demanding an end to the state’s practice of chasing short-term profits at the expense of long-term climate stability, economic sustainability, public health & environmental justice. We need your help to keep the pressure on! Join our Google Group to receive time-sensitive action alerts & join us in Committee Hearings & actions throughout the session.


Dearly beloved,

We are gathered here today to honor the lives lost in New Mexico and communities across the world that have been lost at the hands of climate disruption caused by fossil fuel pollution. 100s of millions of people all over the world have had their lives impacted by climate disruption. Uncountable animals, forests, and waterways have been impacted by climate disruption. And our Earth Mother and the life support systems she provides to us are being disrupted. We want to honor those that have been lost.

Together, let’s take a moment of silence for the nearly 1 million acres of land that have burned from wildfires in New Mexico alone in 2022.

We grieve for the forests that may never regrow, for our mountains that are scorched and bare, for the animals whose lives were lost, for our home places that will never be the same.

Let’s take a moment of silence for those who have lost their lives to wildfire including the 2 in New Mexico who died in the fires this past summer. For their families who mourn them, and for the lives they could have had but were taken.

A moment of silence for the 34 million people across the world impacted by floods in the year 2020, including 6,000 people who died from flooding that year, and the many millions more who will be affected in years to come.

A moment of silence for the 166,000 people who died from heat exposure.

A moment of silence for the countless animals and plants whose lives have been lost. And a special acknowledgment for those creatures that have been pushed to extinction – whose majesty will never bless this earth again – that we’ve lost forever.

A moment of silence for the people per year predicted to die from climate related disasters. This crisis that Indigenous, frontline, and other marginalized communities have already been facing due to the racist and violent path that we are on. We mourn for lives that have yet to be lost.

A moment of silence for the 83 million people predicted to die as a result of weather events like heat waves in the next century-if polluters continue business as usual.

Irreversible damage has already been done; this crisis is no longer a future possibility, it is here and killing us now. But we have time left to curb global emissions and scale back the rapid warming and climate disasters. Now we will lie down in silence for 7 minutes to represent the number of years we have left before the damage is irreversible in the year 2030.

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