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U.N. Body Says Governments Should Address Children’s Demands to Fight Climate Crisis

The Committee on the Rights of the Child said Monday governments must address the climate crisis and other environmental emergencies to “ensure that children are protected from foreseeable premature or unnatural death and threats to their lives … and enjoy their right to life with dignity.” The formal opinion issued by the U.N. body could be a boon to multiple lawsuits brought by youth around the world over their governments’ inaction and contribution to climate change. Next month, the European Court of Human Rights will hear a climate case from a group of young people in Portugal against 32 countries. Click here to see our interview with a youth activist in Montana after the Montana case was won in a lawsuit brought by Montana youth. Here in New Mexico - youth leaders are taking legal action to hold the state accountable: YUCCA is a lead Plaintiff in the NM LAWS (New Mexico Land, Air, Water, and the Sacred) lawsuit. Our plaintiff group is comprised of Indigenous, frontline and youth organizations and community members taking bold and unprecedented legal action to demand that the state of New Mexico live up to its constitutional duty to control pollution, to protect the fundamental rights of New Mexicans, and guarantee equal protection under the law. If you missed our webinar about our constitutional case - please watch the recording and please share it with friends!


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